A wrench in the plan

Blog / Thursday, January 19th, 2017

This morning I went to the board meeting, it went less smoothly than I anticipated. That’s good, though; that’s what I was asking for. The boardembers actually we’re questioning things.

As it turns out, they had been meeting for an hour before I showed up, like usual. My boss has presented the proposed budget for the year and there was pushback on it. The board thought we were trying to do too much new stuff. This is something I’ve felt for a while and is evident in our website menu. For a staff of ten or twelve, we have like fifteen different initiatives. Everyone is spread too thin to be effective at any particular job.

Of course it’s the boards job to advise on these things. They’re there because they have a reason to be and they want their investment to grow. I wholly appreciate their feedback and critical thinking on this and I think we’ll take their remarks as a way to trim out the garbage ideas. The ideas my boss threw in because she thought they were good and no one else on staff has the Moxy to tell her otherwise.

However, what I don’t appreciate is that this conversation happened today and not a month ago. Why didn’t anyone discuss these ideas with the board prior to all the planning we’ve done over the past four weeks. They’re being asked to react to what we do done, not asked what we should do. And naturally they cannot answer all our questions but they should direct the things we do.

So it looks like there’s another four weeks of scrapping plans and planning again around these new objectives. I can only imagine how far behind that puts me on my goals for the year.

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