Walking Home

Blog / Thursday, January 12th, 2017

As the winter gets colder, snowier, more icy, and just downright unbearable, it seems the busses in Madison get less reliable. The bus to work is usually on time, but after work I rarely take the bus these days. 

I still leave work at 5:02 and head over to the bus stop. When I get there, I wait to see how late the bus is going to be. Sometimes, it’s not on the board at all meaning I missed it. Other times, it’s still a ten plus minute wait for it to show up. More often, it says it’s delayed, nothing more. Delayed scares me. Delayed means no body has any idea how long it will take for a habitually late bus to show up.

When it is delayed, I walk home. 

Walking home isn’t so bad it’s about a 35 minute walk, about two and a half miles. I always walk the bus route, just in case I happen to be near a stop as it catches me. I think only once have I seen the bus while walking home and I wasn’t able to catch it. I get a nice walk in and I get home sooner than I would have if I had waited, but it shouldn’t work that way. I only mildly care because I am able to walk it. If I lived any further away, I would be a much grumpier Danny, if that is even possible.

On the bright side, there’s only a month or two of riding the bus left in my future. Once the road dries up and it warms up a smidge, I’m back on my bike.

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