Blog / Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

I didn’t sleep yesterday and I slept no.kore than half the night today. I’m not entirely sure what has been keeping me up, but it would be nice if it stopped.

We bought some goji energy bites from the co-op on Sunday after Star Wars and each had one. We are them in the evening and my best guess is that these kept me awake that night. I didn’t do that yesterday, I ate one in the morning, but I was still up most of the night.

Somehow, though, I can power through a day. Work was full of meetings yesterday and I managed to be coherent. I even led a meeting for an hour. I think I was running solely on coffee and determination. It worked. Even in the evening yesterday, I made it through and ended up working out for over an hour. I wanted to make sure I was as exhausted as possible. I guess it didn’t work.

Since I did get some sleep last night, I expect today to be a bit better but I know this cannot go on all week. Now, when I breathe in, there is a burning sleepy feeling in my chest and feeling it with each breath makes me want to lie down for a nap.

If that happens, I’ll write about it on the bus home (which haven’t been reliable lately and I’ve been walking home and that’s why I only have been posting once a day).

Stay woke.

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