I am one with the Force. The Force is one with me.

Blog / Monday, January 9th, 2017

We finally saw Rogue One yesterday, and it exceeded expectations. So much of what I had read about it seemed to make it out as a mediocre story but it was a solid prequel to A New Hope.

I feel like I have grown up with Star Wars, at least since I was nine when I binge watched the original three in a day or two. Ever since then, I’ve been excited for new releases. I get a buddy feeling when I’m sitting in a theater watching it for the first time and everyone around is seeing it for the first time as well. I even got this feeling for Attack of the Clones. 

Something about the story inspires me. Iltheyre built on hope and I think it resounds strongly for me. The reality of uncontrolled oppression being fought back against and beaten down speaks to the underdog side of me. I want the rebels to win because what they are doing is right. I always have.

And then there’s the Force. This is something I want to come back to in another post at some point, but the Force is a strong idea. It carries on beyond the film in a way no other film can do. I wanted to be a wizard after watching Harry Potter but I knew no such thing existed. I wanted to become a mutant after watching X-Men, but I knew my parents certainly didn’t carry the genes. But the Force, you don’t need midichlorians to believe it exists and to feel it. You just need faith. Faith that there is good surrounding us and helping us triumph over evil.

So much about Rogue One seemed to be dependent and n the Force, even though the Force was not used. Chirrah knew it was there even thought that good was trampled by the Empire.

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