Design by Committee

Blog / Friday, January 6th, 2017

Yesterday I got stuck at work and then the late bus de used to not let people on at my stop, so I walked home.

I was stuck at work because of something I call design by committee. I scrambled to put together a year in review page yesterday because I was given the content for it after business hours two days ago. We are planning to send it out today. For what it’s worth, I did a decent job in the time I had.

However, at the end of the day, my boss and a co-worker stopped by my desk to review it, even though it wasn’t ready for review, and we spent 45 minutes looking through it and making changes and taking two steps backwards in terms of design.

My boss always refers to her first business from the 80s as the reason she knows how things work. Unfortunately, a vast majority of her design tastes are still rooted in those days as well. The design I had put together was modern, flat, and evenly spaced. It also adhered to responsive design properties. Considering I’m not a designer, I still thought it could stand up to other designs but I knew it wouldn’t win awards.

Enter my boss, and every change she makes makes it one step less responsive because she wants this moved here or there because the current screen size makes it look funny. Even illustrating this to her by resizing the screen, she doesn’t budge on her “fixes”. The changes that don’t mess with the responsive layout all seem to be a matter of old eyes. I used our brand colors throughout, the primary one being orange, and she says she cannot read it because it lacks contrast. Other than switching to black on white, I can’t really add contrast with our brand.

All of that being said, plus a lot I don’t have time to say, I’m still going to make the changes because if I don’t then someone else will. At least I know I will do it right.

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