Blog / Thursday, January 5th, 2017

I thought no everyone has some weird hobby they find fascinating and it’s entirely unique to their social sphere. One friend of mine grows worms in his garage. Another is fixing up an old truck. Me, I really like finding old radios, preferably the real tall wooden cabinet kinds, and fixing them up so they play music from a phone.

I made one a few years ago for Ellie as her Christmas present. We use it fairly often, mostly when we are cleaning the apartment or slowly getting going on weekends. It’s beautiful and functional. It’s also a dream of mine to have a few scattered throughout our house. Someday.

My brother-in-law liked the idea and wanted one for himself, so he bought a radio to fix up but due to space and time restraints, he never got around to it. So it fell into my hands. Since I had been through the motions on this before, I quickly bought all the parts I needed and got to work. Over the course of a month or two, working here or there, I got it to where I wanted it to be functionaly. However, since I share a home with the wife, I am not really able to use the heavy chemicals to strip it and refinish it indoors like I did for her.

Anyway, I have the radio that plays music and podcasts and whatever else you want to cast to it but our apartment is too small for it to make sense to keep around. So I decided to sell on Craigslist. I put it up, and waited. No takers. Not one spam email even.

Then I reached out to a shop in town that sells upcycled goods and asked if they’d consider selling on my behalf. I assumed no, probably not. But looks and behold! They agreed! I’m now hammering out the details on how it will be sold. This fun hobby of mine might just turn a profit!

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