Blog / Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

This year, I want to hold on to things less. That is my resolution.

I have a tendency to be a pack rat. I have emotional attachment to a lot of things. I told Ellie the other day, I cannot get rid of one of my costs ever because it is my Peace Corps coat and it just means a lot to have it. Of course I said this the same day she got rid of two of her own coats, so I probably sounded crazy.

I have had stacks of papers for years because no one told me if I need to hang on to them or not so just to be safe, I did. I had tons of monthly bills from health insurance and utility bills. So we bought a shredder and I put them all through. I don’t even know if shredding them was necessary because, again, no one told me so.

This weekend was spent getting a jump start on my resolution. It’s slow going, organizing and trashing things. It’s also cathartic. Purging my life of unwanted things just makes me feel better, even if it’s something I don’t give a thought to like a stack of old bills. 

A lot of this is in preparation for our eventual house purchase and move. The less there is, the easier to move and the harder to fill a new house with old junk. That’s something I’d prefer to do gradually. 

So, what are your resolutions for 2017?

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