Long Weekends

Blog / Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Long weekends are both great and not great. It’s great when they’re happening, but they suck when I come back to work.

I took last Friday off for Ellie’s birthday and yesterday was off for the holiday. We did souch in four days, but unfortunately, my inbox filled up while I was gone. The day after a long weekend is spent catching up on work while more stuff comes in. It’s really an anxiety inducing day.

I hate those days so much, I avoid taking days off if at all possible. Part of me wants to know if that’s planned. Like, did someone realize people would get bogged down by work while they were gone and would just prefer to not be gone so it doesn’t happen? Seems like a stretch.

Anyway, because my boss was out sick today, an extra meeting or two was cancelled, and I did manage to get through everything in my inbox. But had she been here, another hour or two of my day would have been monopolized and I would not have gotten to everything. She works on the weekends and in evenings and treats days as a way to meet and discuss. I don’t work that way nor do I ever want to. The differing approaches to work life balance have not been an issue because my boss doesn’t expect that of us, she says, with the exception of days like today.

Tomorrow is a fresh day with a meeting that will take up the bulk of my morning. So I’m glad I got through everything from the long weekend today.

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