Daily Archives: January 3, 2017

Long Weekends

Long weekends are both great and not great. It’s great when they’re happening, but they suck when I come back to work. I took last Friday off for Ellie’s birthday and yesterday was off for the holiday. We did souch in four days, but unfortunately, my inbox filled up while I was gone. The day after a long weekend is spent catching up on work while more stuff comes in. It’s really an anxiety inducing day. I hate those days so much, I avoid taking Continue reading →


This year, I want to hold on to things less. That is my resolution. I have a tendency to be a pack rat. I have emotional attachment to a lot of things. I told Ellie the other day, I cannot get rid of one of my costs ever because it is my Peace Corps coat and it just means a lot to have it. Of course I said this the same day she got rid of two of her own coats, so I probably sounded Continue reading →