Blog / Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

I’m no stranger to getting a raise. Part of that stems from the fact that I haven’t really been at a job more than two years. It’s easy to start someone low and then bump them up early on. I’m guessing if I stick around any place long enough, the raises would taper off.

Presently, I’m waiting for a raise. This past fall I was really, really unhappy with the situation at work and I was looking around for other jobs. I talked to a former boss about it and he had some encouragement to stick it out. I also talked to my boss indirectly about it. It was a conversation about something else that just started to encompass my salary. Basically she said that she appreciates the work I was doing, knew I was underpaid, and around the new year I should be getting a substantial raise.

I’m waiting on that substantial raise now and it is making me angsty. I feel deserving of it and I’m at the point where if it isn’t good enough, I will really, seriously look for another job. The promise of a raise feels like I’m being strung along. She could always tell me that substantial raise is just around the corner, it’s just waiting on approval from this or that to come in. I don’t care for it one bit.

My boss always comes back to people being paid the market value too. She claims content managers are only paid this or only paid that much. Since she’s old, I don’t think she knows about sites like Glassdoor, where I can look up the market value salary for the title I have in the city I live in. I’ve been doing my best to familiarize myself with the titles I have and the titles I want to make sure u do get market value for whatever my next raise is. 

How often do you get raises? Is it wrong for me to expect one?

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  1. If you’ve been doing considerably more work than was originally agreed upon and you’ve been doing it for 6 months or more, then yes, it is reasonable to ask for a raise. It’s never unreasonable *to ask* in my opinion, unless you just received a decent raise and you ask for another right away.

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