Blog / Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

My boss claims we are a high tech company, and I find that laughable. The most technologically capable person at the company is myself and I’m merely a project manager. I cannot code. I understand code and how it all related to itself, but I couldn’t do. I’m beat in a middleman position. I also have the added bonus of growing up being fascinated in how websites work and understanding their structure. No one the company can claim that. Our developers are outsourced and I manage them. We are not high tech.

So when I am in items to a meeting to plan tech related things, I’d assume I’d be consulted. More and more lately, I feel like my opinion ion doesn’t matter. I’m not there to contribute, only to receive orders. On the rare occasion I get to speak, because everyone else talks and talks and talks, I watch as everyone’s eyes glaze over and ignore me. It’s ever more apparent after I finish when there is no response showing comprehension, but instead a “new” idea to discuss instead.

I don’t know how to bring this up with my boss. She’s increasingly stubborn and not open to criticism. She is the root of the problem. What would you do if you weren’t being utilized for your strengths?

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