Daily Archives: December 27, 2016


So the employee who was fired a couple weeks ago refuses to accept reality. He was fired for performance reasons. Since he has been fired, he applied for unemployment. Since he has another job, my understanding is that he isn’t unemployed. Is there some special rule I don’t know about? Maybe a part time job or less than a certain number of hours doesn’t count as employment? He also left with his office keys. No one communicated on this one for who would collect his Continue reading →

Christmas Recap

Other than my niece nearly breaking my nose, Christmas this year was a fairly good few days. We started the weekend off by going out to eat with my cousin, my aunt, and my cousin’s boyfriend. We had never met my cousin’s boyfriend before but he was absolutely delightful. He had wanted to see a Badger game while he was in town so we went to the basketball game against Florida A&M. Badgers won, by a lot, and our seats were the absolute worst, but Continue reading →