Day Drinking

Blog / Friday, December 23rd, 2016

My boss said we could bring in beers today. I had two this afternoon because I could. I knew going into it, I would not get much work done. I have trouble focusing with a beer in me.

At my last job, the translation company, when we would get a company lunch for a special occasion we would always take the cue from our boss if we could order drinks. It was never a spoken rule. If everyone else did, then I did too, but I truly didn’t care for it. We always had to go back to work after lunch and that one drink would render me useless the rest of the day.

Today, surprisingly, I was able to focus even after one beer. I got as much work done as I would have otherwise, on a day before a holiday weekend.

We also got to leave early, so I’m on the bus now. I’m enjoying the wane of my buzz. Dinner with my cousin and aunt tonight the. We are going to the Badger game.

Happy holidays to all of you!

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