Blog / Friday, December 23rd, 2016

What are your holiday cookie traditions? In the Zawacki family, we have a few. 

I personally like to make the ones that family members used to make, the family members who are no longer with to celebrate Christmas. I feel that there’s a lot of comfort in making things their way. They would bring the same ones year after year after year and no one complained, we just had ones we particularly looked forward to.

However, since as the years pass by, fewer of the older generation are at the table and I’m just unable to make all the cookies they did. So I try to rotate them every year. This year, I’m making some my great grandmother was known for. They’re called kolaczki. They consist of a flaky pastry bottom folded over a jelly filling. The pastry is butter, cream cheese and flour. The filling is personal preference, I usually make raspberry and apricot but sometimes throw in blueberry too. One thing I’ve noticed with all these recipes handed down over the years is that they’re heavy on the “bad” things. I mean, I put in a brick of cream crease and two sticks of butter. Not exactly light. But damn are they tasty.

I’m not the only cookie maker either. My dad always ships out a few batches of cookies. He’s always good for oatmeal raisin cookies and the flattest, butteriest chocolate chip cookies.

We aren’t really a gingerbread cookie family. Does anyone really like gingerbread cookies? They’re always baked to a crisp and the frosting is just pure sugar.

So what does your family do? I’d love to hear about your cookies.

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