Blog, Recipes / Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Because I don’t think anyone who reads this is going to get any spoilers, I figured I’d tell you what I made last night to give away as presents for Christmas this year. If you haven’t guessed from the title yet, I made sausage. Italian sausage.

Ellie had this great idea, to save money on gifts, instead of buying gifts for everyone, I’d make them a gift in the form of a meal. Last year I gave family homemade pasta and it went over pretty well. This year, I’m also making homemade pasta and throwing in a jar of homemade sauce, along with a couple of links of homemade Italian sausage. That’s the gift I’d like to receive. So, I hope other people like it too.

We got a KitchenAid for our wedding, and then a couple of weeks ago finally found the meat grinder attachment on sale. And shortly afterwards I bought the sausage stuffer attachment for the meat grinder. I’ve wanted all these things for a few years and it finally came together. I’ve wanted to make sausage for a few years.

Everything that I read about making sausage suggested that the first few times you make it, it will not go well. You’ll do something wrong or most likely the casings will give you hell. I didn’t have any of those problems, so I’m guessing the sausage will just taste bad. That’s the only thing left to go wrong. Ellie and I are trying it tonight to make sure it’s good enough to gift.

If the sausage is bad, I’ll try again. I have plenty of casings and altogether it is relatively cheap to make a few pounds of sausage. I think I paid $6 for 3.5lbs of meat and then $15 for the casings but only used two out of the package. I’ll let you know if I crack the code on amazing homemade sausage.

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