Boss is Gone

Blog / Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Some days, when the boss is gone, I find it harder to concentrate than other days. It’s not everytime she’s gone, but it happens. Everytime she is gone, there’s a far more relaxed atmosphere. Just some days I don’t feel like working.

She was gone all day today for some medical procedure. I knew this in advance. I got into work and had trouble motivating myself to get my projects done. I have a couple things to work on but they don’t really have deadlines and are dependent on other people getting my stuff. So that’s yet another reason to not rush through something.

I did work today, I forced myself to work on each project and added another to the mix but I kept staring out the window or browsing random internet pages. It makes the day feel longer not working. My brain is kinda fried as a result and I feel like my writing reflects it.

I don’t know. Last day of work before a three day weekend tomorrow. The boss will be in. 

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