Blog / Friday, December 16th, 2016

Ellie and I just joined the YMCA. We just left our old contract at the Princeton Club behind because we weren’t using it. The YMCA, however, we fully intend to use.

I’m not sure that it’s and closer, about three miles from where we live, but there are so many more draws to being members there. For example, we can cancel our membership any time. We can also put it on hold for four months so if we don’t use it over the summer, we don’t need to pay for it. In addition to the standard workout machines, there’s a pool and classes and a gymnasium. Probably a lot more that I’ve forgotten so we last night.

Both Ellie and I get restless in the winter and we cannot bear to go into hibernation. I don’t want to get squishy because┬áthen, when I start exercising again, it’s harder to dig out of that squishy rut. And more painful. The body gets soft and then aches any time it has to deal with exercise again. I don’t want that and the people around me who have to listen to me complain don’t want that either.

I’ve been walking in the mornings to get in my exercise for the day, but the temperatures are dropping and it’s getting harder to feel accomplished. Hopefully, well stick to out plan of working out everyday, weather permitting.

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