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Blog / Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

I am not tech support. I was not hired to fix problems you’re having with your computer. I was hired to write content and to interface with developers to improve out company system. You not being able to access your personal email is not my problem. You not being able to access your personal voicemail on your iPhone (which I never have nor ever will have) is not my problem or even something I should be considered for fixing. You could argue that you not being able to access your work email is my problem, but when my suggestion to fix the problem is ignored there isn’t much I can do.

Sometimes at work, I feel like I’m teaching my great-grandmother how a computer works. I have to explain things which are commonplace and have been for years. And she’s sitting there not listening to what I am saying because she’s my elder and she knows I can always do it again for her when she needs it. The worst part is when she jabs at the screen thinking it will magically make the computer do something. It’s not a touchscreen. It makes me feel like a monkey that has to interpret and respond to your semi-coherent gestures.

These gripes aren’t limited to this job either. From my experience, once someone finds out you know a bit of something about computers, then every one of their problems becomes your problem. I could work in a field gathering organic vegetables but because I mentioned once that I did a thing that amazed you, I’m suddenly the tech guy who gets pulled into an office to reboot a computer. One person might not think they are too much trouble, but it’s rarely just one person (and a lot of time, that one person is to much trouble).

I honest to god want a job where no one knows what skills I have other than the ones required for the job. I could come in, do what I need to do, and head home to my hobbies which I enjoy infinitely more. That’s the world I want to live in.

What shitty jobs end up on your plate where ever you go?

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