Blog / Friday, December 9th, 2016

Every day, I wake up and go for a walk, shower, and then get ready for work. I make a sandwich for lunch, oat bread with three slices of turkey, three slices of Wauwewaga sharp cheddar cheese, and a spread of Mayo on one slice. I wrap that up and put it in my lunch box along with a raspberry seltzer. For emergencies, I keep a Nature’s Valley peanut butter granola bar in there too. You never know when 3pm will come to haunt you.

For breakfast, I make coffee or tea, heating the water in a tea kettle and then using a French press for coffee or a small teapot with loose-leaf black tea. A dash of creamer for coffee or a spoon of honey for tea. I grab a bowl and scoop vanilla Mountain Valley yogurt in. If there’s any bananas on hand, I slice one and put it in before sprinkling granola on top, Udi’s vanilla. Every damn day.

So am I bland? Or predictable? Or just a man who knows what he likes and has that every day because it’s simple? I prefer to think the last one. It’s not that I won’t eat anything else, it really is just simpler to have the same stuff everyday. In the morning I don’t need to think about what I’m doing, I just go I to autopilot. It’s nice. I don’t usually wake up until around 9:15, after I’ve been at work a bit.

Also, having the same thing in the same way every morning reduces decision fatigue. I find action better throughout the day, especially at the end because those are just a few fewer decisions I needed to make.

What routines do you stick to because it just simplifies life?

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  1. I also eat the same thing every day, because I want to make fewer decisions than necessary. I used to have the same thoughts as you: am I boring? But now I don’t care – I’m happy to save brain space. And time. I do vary my dietary habits every so often for health reasons, but on a weekend or when I have time to be creative.

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