Daily Archives: December 9, 2016

On Bikes

I am a bike rider, and I always have been. All through primary school, until I got a car, I rode my bike to and from school everyday. Even in rain and snow and freezing temperatures. In college I rode it a ton too, one winter commuting five miles each way to work, five days a week. Now, I bike to work when the weather suits. I don’t push myself through the snow and rain if I don’t have to because I have a bus Continue reading →


Every day, I wake up and go for a walk, shower, and then get ready for work. I make a sandwich for lunch, oat bread with three slices of turkey, three slices of Wauwewaga sharp cheddar cheese, and a spread of Mayo on one slice. I wrap that up and put it in my lunch box along with a raspberry seltzer. For emergencies, I keep a Nature’s Valley peanut butter granola bar in there too. You never know when 3pm will come to haunt you. Continue reading →