What I Do All Day

Blog / Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

My titles are varied and in completely different spheres. One is content manager and one is systems admin. Neither of them really represent what I do all day.

I was hired as an editor but quickly expanded to content manager only to turn around and stick my hands into database work. That led to developer management which led to development planning and implementation. So what’s my title? I haven’t a clue. I know what I want it to be, but it feels like I’m setting the bar too low when I say it out loud.

Anyway, on any given day I do a smattering of the following:

  • Feature planning and spec-ing
  • Scrum meeting leader
  • Bug fixer
  • Development schedule planning
  • Email management
  • Database management
  • Email creation
  • Customer support
  • Magazine editor
  • Business rule enforcer
  • Website maintainer
  • Tech support
  • Sales support
  • Salesforce tickler

And a dozen other things. And I think that’s the problem. My hand is in so many places and people are used to it. It’s no longer a joke to give Danny all the work, it’s just what gets done because he can do, or in many cases is the only one who can do it. It’s flattering most of the time, annoying often, and takes up too much of my time all the time. At least half the things on the above list I should not be doing because someone else can to free up my time so I can do the stuff that matters.

But what matters? Who gets to decide? If it was me, I’d have so much more say in what tasks I take on. I’d set rules and if the tasks don’t fit the parameters of those rules, then someone else gets to do it. But my boss doesn’t think that way. She sees me as a good deal. I don’t demand my worth, though I want it, and as a result of being cheap labor, I am overworked.

It might sound whiny, but  trying not to be. I’m trying to organize my thoughts for my yearly review so I know where I stand on things and I can approach it in a way that benefits me.

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