Daily Archives: December 1, 2016


I share a desk with a mansplainer. And a manspreader. He is a condescending male in his twenties and has an antiquated view on the world as well as a condescending way of dealing with people. I have worked with him for almost a year and a half and my opinion of him has only deteriorated. He interrupts and talks over people. His voice is the loudest in the room and his laugh is a harsh boom. When someone visited our office and asked him Continue reading →


In the past few years, 95% of all stress in my life has been caused by money, or a lack there of. That’s just an estimate, but I’d assume it’s right on the money. Ever since I struck out on my own, getting money hasn’t been hard, and I’ve never been out of a job. However, having the money I want for more than the necessities has been hard to come by. I’m a hard worker and I do my jobs well. I go above Continue reading →