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Okay, first off, the bus has been early the past two days which is just as bad as coming late. Maybe worse because it’s easier to miss it if it’s early. Second, my coworker talked me into speaking to my boss about my job position. She listened to a long complaint of mine yesterday and thought about it overnight. She came back with a plan to start the conversation and action items to entice my boss to the idea. So I sent my boss an Continue reading →


My boss claims we are a high tech company, and I find that laughable. The most technologically capable person at the company is myself and I’m merely a project manager. I cannot code. I understand code and how it all related to itself, but I couldn’t do. I’m beat in a middleman position. I also have the added bonus of growing up being fascinated in how websites work and understanding their structure. No one the company can claim that. Our developers are outsourced and Continue reading →


I’m no stranger to getting a raise. Part of that stems from the fact that I haven’t really been at a job more than two years. It’s easy to start someone low and then bump them up early on. I’m guessing if I stick around any place long enough, the raises would taper off. Presently, I’m waiting for a raise. This past fall I was really, really unhappy with the situation at work and I was looking around for other jobs. I talked to a Continue reading →


So the employee who was fired a couple weeks ago refuses to accept reality. He was fired for performance reasons. Since he has been fired, he applied for unemployment. Since he has another job, my understanding is that he isn’t unemployed. Is there some special rule I don’t know about? Maybe a part time job or less than a certain number of hours doesn’t count as employment? He also left with his office keys. No one communicated on this one for who would collect his Continue reading →

Christmas Recap

Other than my niece nearly breaking my nose, Christmas this year was a fairly good few days. We started the weekend off by going out to eat with my cousin, my aunt, and my cousin’s boyfriend. We had never met my cousin’s boyfriend before but he was absolutely delightful. He had wanted to see a Badger game while he was in town so we went to the basketball game against Florida A&M. Badgers won, by a lot, and our seats were the absolute worst, but Continue reading →

Day Drinking

My boss said we could bring in beers today. I had two this afternoon because I could. I knew going into it, I would not get much work done. I have trouble focusing with a beer in me. At my last job, the translation company, when we would get a company lunch for a special occasion we would always take the cue from our boss if we could order drinks. It was never a spoken rule. If everyone else did, then I did too, but Continue reading →


What are your holiday cookie traditions? In the Zawacki family, we have a few.  I personally like to make the ones that family members used to make, the family members who are no longer with to celebrate Christmas. I feel that there’s a lot of comfort in making things their way. They would bring the same ones year after year after year and no one complained, we just had ones we particularly looked forward to. However, since as the years pass by, fewer of the Continue reading →

Boss is Gone

Some days, when the boss is gone, I find it harder to concentrate than other days. It’s not everytime she’s gone, but it happens. Everytime she is gone, there’s a far more relaxed atmosphere. Just some days I don’t feel like working. She was gone all day today for some medical procedure. I knew this in advance. I got into work and had trouble motivating myself to get my projects done. I have a couple things to work on but they don’t really have deadlines Continue reading →


Because I don’t think anyone who reads this is going to get any spoilers, I figured I’d tell you what I made last night to give away as presents for Christmas this year. If you haven’t guessed from the title yet, I made sausage. Italian sausage. Ellie had this great idea, to save money on gifts, instead of buying gifts for everyone, I’d make them a gift in the form of a meal. Last year I gave family homemade pasta and it went over pretty Continue reading →