Musings on an English Degree

Month: November 2016

A Bad Employee?

Am I a bad employee? Today, I heard through a co-worker, who was reprimanded that the two of us talk too much. Is that a bad thing? But seriously, is it a bad thing that I have time to talk to a co-worker while at work who also has time to talk? Am I expected […]

The Crown Molding

We have a mold problem. We discovered it a few weeks ago, right after the election. Ellie was spraying some spots high up on the walls in the bedroom when she saw some more near the base boards. She moved the¬†furniture and let out a groan of, “oh no!” when she saw how much was […]

Rarely on Time

This bus is never on time. Not once. Okay, I have only taken it sporadically in the past year but it seems a coincidence that each of those times, it happened to be late. There was that one time it was late and then decided it didn’t need to stop at a scheduled bus stop. […]

A Triumphant Return…?

I feel like a lot of the time, I write about the things that I want to happen. Things I am planning to do or say will come to pass just because I put my mind to it. Looking back at posts, I rarely ever seem to follow through with things as planned. I have […]