Frozen Fox, I’m Still Walking

Blog / Monday, January 5th, 2015

The new year came in and it came with a nice deep freeze and snow (Editor’s Note: Danny hates cold and snow and often ponders why he still lives in Wisconsin where both are abundant). Today, I had to make a split second decision, which I outsourced to a coworker with a simple, “Yes or no?” question. The question was, do I brave the cold and go for my walk? The answer was yes.
So, despite the 0ยบ F when I left for my lunchtime walk, and despite the few inches of fresh snow on the ground, I went for my usual walk. It was cold, but brisk and I really felt good about it. Then I saw this:

Frozen, Dead Fox
Frozen, Dead Fox

There was a dead fox, frozen to the ground on the sidewalk. It made me sad because it will probably be there until all the snow thaws in late Spring and it will be a rotten mess of something once majestic. It also made me consider if I really should be out walking in the weather. Like, if a fox who lives outdoors all the time can’t handle the cold, what chance does squishy, warm me have against the elements?
So, if there’s anyone out there that knows how to revive a recently frozen fox, get in touch with me ASAP. I’ll take you to where the fox is and we can nurse it back into perfect health. If we are lucky, it will be grateful for us saving our lives and will pledge the remainder of its newfound life to guarding us. Kind of like Chewbacca, but a fox. That seems like a pretty sweet deal, if you were to ask me. Probably could sell the movie rights if we get strapped for cash. I think ol’ Foxy would support that idea.
Did anyone else have to brave any similar elements lately?

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  1. Bring some very hot water in grandpa’s thermos and slowly pour it over the fox. Maybe it will be like a movie and he will slowly come back to life and then spring will come early….

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