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Blog / Friday, October 3rd, 2014

I thought about it this morning, I should have posted some photos of the Love Shack. These photos are from earlier this summer, before we took the wall out and put up a new one. The Love Shack is where the magic happened back in the day.

If I grew up in the 70s in this house, I’m unsure I would have loved the Love Shack like its original tenants did. Take a look at these photos and decide for yourself.

Love Shack carpet wall

We used to store more things up here, and this Love Shack used to be a lot dirtier and less appealing. To me at least. The carpet you see on the walls in places used to cover the floor and the “bench” and up the walls. We pulled it out, covered in dirt, bug carcasses, and mold. So much mold. But we didn’t do much more to alter it from its preserved state. Please let that sink in.

Love Shack Bed

One thing the picture can’t really show is how hot it gets up in this space. There are windows on either end of the building, but the air just doesn’t circulate. It’s stifling, the humidity and the heat makes the air feel thick. I can only imagine that it was the same back in its hey day when reckless youths would spend their nights, possibly days, up here.

My neighbor told me a story about the Love Shack recently, back when the previous owners lived in our house. He said he and his wife had come out early in the morning, maybe 6:00 or 6:30, and saw a small stream of kids coming down from the Love Shack. Him, being an old man even then, asked them if they remembered to use protection. He said they just drooped their heads and walked off without saying a word.

Love Shack


All that being said, does anyone want to come hang out at my parents’ house and turn the Love Shack into a clubhouse? It has a lot of potential. It even is wired for electricity (there is an outlet on one of the walls). If we’re lucky, we could leech internet from my parents’ house, though it might be on the edge of the range. I really think the Love Shack could be something great, after a good scrub-down.

Does your parents’ place have some relic from the old days that’s always made you wonder what it was like before your family showed up? I want to hear about it and I want to know if we can hold some clubhouse meetings there (assuming it is a space we could occupy).

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