Monthly Archives: June 2014

Fighting off the Demon Spawn

In Peace Corps, I learned a valuable lesson during my run to Russia. Okay, well technically it was after we got stopped at the border we were trying to cross illegally wanted to visit and after the border guards told us to get into a van that had just crossed the border and dropped us off at the edge of town. Small details really. Since we were dropped off at the edge of town, we decided to run back to the Peace Corps Volunteer’s place Continue reading →

Going to the Cabin Up North

This past weekend, I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but no one ever really invited me to do. I finally got to go spend a weekend at someone’s cabin up north. In Wisconsin, it seems like every other person either has a cabin up north or knows someone who does. They would then share that cabin with family and invite people up for long weekends to sit on a boat and just relax. I knew a few people who fell Continue reading →

Red-Winged Blackbird Broke My Lunchtime

I have been walking at lunch for the past few months. It’s a great way to get out of the office during the day. It brightens my day even. But today, I decided not to walk, for health reasons. I’ve also mentioned that I got attacked by a bird. A red-winged blackbird (scientific name: DEMON SPAWN) to be precise. Earlier this week, I also got chased twice by red-winged blackbirds. Once as I was leaving the work parking lot for my lunchtime walk, and once Continue reading →

Waukesha Stabbings – Questioning America

The weekend Waukesha stabbings, WI by two 12-year-old girls have me a bit more captivated than usual. As far as I can tell, I care more because I live in Waukesha. Yes, the stabbings were as tragic and unfortunate and “Why didn’t we see this coming” as all the other media storms where someone does something that seems off their rocker, but because I know the city and the people it just feels more real to me. Waukesha Stabbings For some reason I didn’t see Continue reading →

Weekend Activities Were Spot On

This past weekend was notable in a couple of ways. Ellie came to visit and we got out and did some things we had wanted to do for a while. Since the weather was near perfect, we decided to take advantage of it so we could cross a bit off our list. Farmer’s Market and the Red-winged Blackbird Saturday morning, we moseyed down to the farmer’s market. While we couldn’t find much that we felt we needed or that we couldn’t get elsewhere for cheaper, Continue reading →