Musings on an English Degree

Month: May 2014

Keeping track of programming projects over the years

I know for years and years I’ve teased different programming projects, among others, I’m working on here (hell, this website was initially a programming project–I wrote an entire blogging platform from scratch as a proof of concept; it was primitive, but I loved the software and only switch to WordPress as it was easier to […]

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Kind thoughts to everyone who has served the country in some way, shape, or form. A handful of my family members (from earlier generations) served during the wars last century. A handful of my friends have also risked their lives to serve the country in more recent times. Thank you […]

Milwaukee Peace Corps Association: NAMI Charity Walk

Over this past weekend, I continued my quest to become more involved in the Returned Peace Corps community. The group gathered on the Milwaukee lakefront for a charity¬†walk. The walk was to raise money for NAMI¬†and one of the RPVC members won a grant to go towards the groups total. In all reality, I wanted […]

I’ve Been Asked to Report for Jury Duty

For the first time in my life, I’ve been selected for civic duty. A month or so ago, I received a piece of mail asking me to go online and fill in my information as I was in a pool for jury duty. I filled it out and thought nothing of it. I don’t fear […]

Long-Distance Relationship Again

Yesterday, I helped Ellie move into her new apartment. Once again, after six months of living so close to one another, we are in a long-distance relationship. Now, the distance doesn’t worry me because that’s how we started. Then, the distance was greater than it is now and since it was the beginning of a […]

My Marley is a Sick Cat

If you’ve read much of anything on this site, you know I have an overly healthy love for my cat. She has been in my care for the past six years (though for the time I was in Ukraine, friends and family looked after her). I like to think the two of us have been […]