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Milwaukee Peace Corps Association

Ever since I’ve gotten back from the Peace Corps, I wanted to do more with my life. I wanted more than a job and an apartment and a car to get between the two. There was this need to be doing something that helped the community, no matter how small or large. It was a feeling of fulfillment in what I was doing with my life, a feeling I had come to love while in Ukraine. I struggled with the get up and go, however. Continue reading →

March Madness Bracket and the $1 Billion I Never Had

If you didn’t hear, Quicken Loans is giving away a $1 Billion to one person who picks a perfect bracket for March Madness. This is backed by Warren Buffet. Really, if you didn’t hear, you should pay attention to get rich quick articles on the web. Granted, the odds of winning are slim to none: Odds of Winning. The odds of winning the Grand Prize depend on the outcome of each of the Tournament games and the skill of each Entrant. Mathematical odds of winning Continue reading →


You know it’s Lent, right? If not, it is. As a Catholic, I have very strict rules about things I can and cannot do during Lent, which I mostly ignore. I don’t “give up” (or fast as it’s called) anything other than meats on Fridays because that’s still a challenge for me. Maybe someday I’ll feel as though I’ve mastered it and then I can work on fasting in an additional way. You know I’m Polish, right? If not, I am. Half, for what it’s Continue reading →

Lunchtime Walking

This past week, I started a new way to help pass the days at work. It’s no secret that I have trouble sitting in front of my work computer all day. Some days are busy and some days aren’t but that’s not what makes it difficult. For me, the difficult part is that I’m just sitting here, far from being active. I find myself making up small excuses to get up and walk around the office. I print documents one at a time so I Continue reading →

Why Mrs. Mosby is Going to Die

It’s long been rumored that the future Mrs. Mosby is actually the late Mrs. Mosby. It’s also a gut feeling I’ve had for a long time. Somehow, it’s always made sense to me that she died sometime before the beginning of season one. Why else would Ted feel the need to sit his kids down and explain to them in excruciating detail how he and their mother met and got it on? And with a recent episode having Ted choke up when the mother asks, Continue reading →


I’ve been swamped and haven’t had a time to post this, but as of 1:16 AM on Friday, March 14, I am an uncle. My sister announced she was pregnant back over the summer with her then boyfriend (they had only been dating a few months at the time so it came as a surprise). At the time, it was early so I didn’t want to say anything so I wouldn’t jinx it. Then it got later and later and I kept forgetting to say Continue reading →


I’ve been obsessed with speed lately. Page speed. You might have noticed that this website loads damned quick. Or you didn’t really have time to notice. That’s because of me. When I redesigned the website, I only took looks into account. I wanted clean and simple so that’s what I built. Then I came across a page speed tool, Pingdom. My website averaged a couple of seconds to load. It was requesting information from a hundred different places. The page size was huge compared to Continue reading →

Website Redesign

As I mentioned recently and as you may have noticed, I redesigned my website because I felt it was a little dated. It was a lot of fun and it took me nearly no time at all when I think about it. But that’s not the only website redesign I’ve done recently. I redesigned my company’s website. To was it was an experience is an understatement. Let me explain. The translation company I work at is small, when I was hired there were only 7 Continue reading →