Valentine’s Day

Blog / Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

I was ambitious with the gift I made for Ellie for Valentine’s Day and because of it, and my lack of knowledge on what I was doing or how to do it properly, I still haven’t finished it. I plan to have it done this weekend and then I’ll do a post about it because it really was a fun process and I learned a ton (also, I took a great deal of photos and I wouldn’t want those to go to waste).

Ellie, however, finished my gift on time. It’s beautiful and a perfect representation of our first year together.


She made me a decorative pillow and embroidered it herself. It’s rather beautiful and cheesy and she said she was worried I wouldn’t like it. I don’t. I love it. It’s perfect.

Also, we both got each other the same box of chocolates, but Ellie got me the one with a cat on it (I would have gotten her the same one but I didn’t see it).

We went out for dinner and then went to a wine and painting bar to drink and paint. It wasn’t a class this time so I had to freehand and I’m not disappointed with what I did considering the time.


Ellie went a little safer with hers, and the quality showed:

How did you spend your Valentine’s?

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