Christmas Present Planning

Blog / Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

This is the first year since I can remember where I’ve figured out all my Christmas presents for other people before Christmas. Hell, this is probably the first time I’ve accomplished it before December. I’m on a roll.

This, if you don’t know me, is big. I usually stress over gift shopping because I not only want people to like the gifts I get them, I also want them to be practical and perfect for the person. I have a lot of trouble with it to the point I wish no one would buy me gifts so I wouldn’t have to reciprocate.

Maybe this year I started thinking about them a lot earlier. Maybe I just got more creative or somewhere in me I relaxed the rules for practical and perfect for a person. Whatever I did, I’m glad I did. I can now spend the time to Christmas gathering the items and cooking. Because who doesn’t need more cooking and eating in their lives around the holiday season? I know I do.

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