September was Success

Blog / Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

I got burned out. Or I fell back into my hole of seclusion. Something happened towards the end of September and I stopped updating. I was doing really well, then I missed a day or two and posted late and it became the habit. Life went on without me posting, but I still felt guilty, I just did nothing about it. Sorry. I’ll try to be better next time–there will for sure be a next time just don’t ask me when because I don’t know. It will happen when I get the motivation towards the end of a month to compile a list of topics to write about.

I was really happy with the feedback and the traffic I was getting last month. It felt nice knowing I had a mini community of readers around me. I got a better idea of who you are and it was nice to hear from you. Don’t stay as strangers.

As is the case every year, November is NaNoWriMo. I’m going to be using it as an excuse to finish my novel. I found that I get really great motivation to write if I dedicate a month to it (like I did for September but that was kind of different and I really didn’t have much to prove). November will be different. I will finish the first draft of the novel I started two years ago. Why this year? Because it was on my list of things to be remembered for. That and I’ll be searching Black Friday Deals for a laser printer for my desk and I’ll need to test it out by printing out a copy to proofread and pass around (girlfriend, time to be brutally honest about my crappy writing). So yeah, I’ll be completing my novel so I can use a printer I don’t have justify buying a laser printer.

But I brought up NaNoWriMo because I’m trying to find a way to use my writing for it as a reason to blog. If you have any ideas of how to put novel-writing alongside blogging, let me know. We have the month to figure it out, so when it comes to you, let me know.

Now I’m going to play Angry Birds before bed, because that’s what relaxes me. I’ll update again soon but tell me what I should blog about, NaNoWriMo related, in November.

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  1. You could keep your raw or edited progress in a Google doc and invite comment. If you’re feelin’ brave.

    A lot of NaNoWriMo updates I see from friends and acquaintances have daily word counts or page counts. I think those accomplishments are important, (and I suspect easier to communicate, because after a day of writing, maybe it’s tough to write about writing), but it’s less engaging for a blog reader. I’d be more interested to hear about the non-quantifiable aspects of the experience.

    If writing about writing ends up being tough or boring, I’d be interested to hear about what you’re reading, and how that’s influencing your writing.

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