7 Things I’m Awful At

Blog / Sunday, September 15th, 2013

I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. These are things that people say but hardly think about, in my experience. I’ll tell you I’m not perfect but turn around and attempt something with my mind thinking that I am actually invincible.

Here’s a list of seven things I’m actually quite awful at.

  1. Emptying theĀ Litter Box
    I’m terrible at emptying Marley’s litter box. I’ve read that you’re supposed to clean it out at least once a day and every other day if you really can’t commit to once a day. Any more than that and your cat and your house are going to stank. Plus, it’s really not hygienic for your cat to be using a box that isn’t clean. Imagine if you relied on someone else to flush your toilet for you and that person didn’t get around to do it every day. Poop would pile up. It reminds me of my Peace Corps training days with my host family’s out house. It was terrible. That thing never got cleaned as far as I knew. But with Marley’s litter box, it’s the same thing. She’s lucky if I remember to clean it once a week. This is something I’ve been working on changing because I love that cat so much. She deserves better. I’ve left plastic bags by my door (near her litter box) as a reminder to myself to clean it out often. It’s working so far and my apartment is smelling a little less and she doesn’t have the stench of meals past on her.
  2. Being Stubborn
    I’m a terribly stubborn person. If I know I am right about something, I will not relent in my assertions. It really frustrates me when people don’t believe me. I can back up my story with examples online and people still don’t believe me. This only makes me more stubborn about it because I hate when people actively are ignorant about things. Most of the time, things that I’m stubborn about aren’t even that important. Things like, who played that one character in that show we’re talking about. Alternatively, I will be the first person to admit I’m wrong if clear evidence is presented to me. I think this balances out my stubbornness. I’m okay with being wrong but the people I argue with aren’t and that bothers me. Change your ways to make me happy, please.
  3. Doing the Dishes
    I am actually quite proud of my dish washing skills. I used to work in the dishroom in the dining hall in college and I consider myself to be one of the best to grace that room. I have run that room by myself during the dinner rush. I didn’t like doing it, but I was good at it and I don’t know if there was anyone else in my time that could have done the same. All that being said, I’m terrible at doing my own dishes. You see, I like to wash them in bulk otherwise I feel like I’m just doing a small bit of busy work. Plus, I have a bunch of other clean dishes in the cabinets that I could be using. So why not? The skin is usually piled high with dishes and then one day, while I’m waiting for my dinner to be ready, I’ll wash them all. The sink will be spotless for about an hour and then once again it will be piled high with dishes from dinner. It’s a terrible cycle. I really need to get a place with a dishwasher.
  4. Fixing Machines
    I love to work on cars and motorcycles. The smell of grease and oil is one of my favorite things in the world. In college, I had a 650cc motorcycle engine in my bedroom to tinker with and try to get working. Now, I have a 49cc moped that I need to get running. The problem is, I’m not a very good mechanic. I’m getting better at it but I’ve yet to get a project of mine working. If I could go back to school again, I might forgo the English degree and focus on engine repair. I love writing but I see more practicality and enjoyment in getting an engine working. I hope the reason I couldn’t get my last project running is because I started too big and this time, with the moped, it’s smaller and easier to manage. It should run. It will run, but I’m terrible at fixing machines.
  5. Gift Giving
    I really want to give everyone gifts and be more generous with things. But I have this problem where I get really anxious about people liking the things that I get for them. I hate being around people while they’re opening a gift or reading a card from me because the entire time I’m watching their face and expecting a certain reaction from them and rarely do I get the one I’m hoping for. It bums me out a lot. So, while I’m shopping for gifts, I look and look and look to find the perfect gift for someone who I know they’ll love and use. It has to be practical too. What’s the point in getting someone something that won’t be used? Ugh. This is the reason I tell people not to get me anything for birthdays and Christmas. Most of the time their gifts are great and I feel the obligation to return the favor and I know that I can’t do it as well as they did.
  6. Making Friends
    Believe it or not, I’m terrible at making friends. Most of my friends I’ve had for years and I know they’re solid because they stick around. I met them all at the times in life when you need to make new friends–the beginning of school, the beginning of college, the beginning of Peace Corps. But now that I’m living alone and my friends are scattered all over the States and some in other countries, I don’t have many friends around me. I don’t know how to make friends in a situation where no one else is looking to make friends. This problems stems from being introverted. I look at a conversation with a potential friend and think, what’s the point in getting to know this person? It’s a lot of work to create a solid friendship which I like in a friend and in a short time, I analyse the possibility of that happening with whomever I’m talking to. It’s rough and life gets lonelier as friends scatter. I think, eventually, I’ll figure it out again and I’ll have some more solid friendships to surround myself with.
  7. Procrastination
    I’m actually really good at this. I’ve always been one of the best procrastinators which is why this post, which was supposed to written yesterday, is coming out today. I was busy yesterday during the day, visiting my cousins and getting my hair cut. Then in the evening, I hung out with some friends. There was a gap where I could have written, but I figured I’ll do it tomorrow. And I did. I do think this post turned out better today than it would have yesterday, but that doesn’t change that I did procrastinate it. Sorry. Not sorry.

What things are you awful at?

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  1. I’m going to answer this from another direction………….

    1. I’m good at being stubborn (this you got from me)
    2 I’m good at procrastinating (this you got from me)
    3. I’m good at working under pressure (which helps when I procrastinate)
    4. I only made friends when I was in school or my kids were in school
    5. I’m good at not doing the dishes or housework unless I really have to.
    6. I guess I’m good at buying gifts when I see something and it makes me think of someone.
    7. I’m good at sleeping ( but I’m always tired)

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