The Next Spielberg

Blog / Monday, February 25th, 2013

I was recently flipping through my high school year book from senior year. I’ve come a long way. I also completely forgotten that I was voted “Most Artistic” and “Most Likely to be the next Steven Spielberg.” Yeah. Those are related actually.

This caused me to dig through my closet and all the digital files still in my possession. The results have been uploaded to YouTube.

(There’s a chance that this was pulled from YouTube because of a copyright violation with the audio used near the end.)


Those are classic. They’ll always make me smile even if no one really gets them. The best part is that they won me a few awards (three I think between the two of them).

Also, it should be noted that I, as a senior in high school, “leave my good looks to Drew Miller, so he can get all the ladies.” I don’t think that ever happened.

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