Reasonably Priced Beer

Peace Corps / Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I’m the only American in Konotop, everyone else has left me. It’s a weird feeling. It’s almost hard to think back to September two years ago when we all met each other at once. It was a blur.

Jacque and I go back the longest. As I’ve mentioned from time to time, we’ve been together from the point we planned to catch a taxi to the hotel in D.C. together (though her plane was delayed). From there we’ve sat at the same table at staging, searched for a reasonably priced beer in Georgetown, been delayed together and ended up in the same training cluster together. When it came time for site placement, we were both put in the same region, in the same oblast. We were only two hours away from each other by train.

Jacque left last Friday. However, we took our last moments together in Ukraine to have a reasonably priced beer together one last time before life happens. Here’s the photo from two years ago:


And here’s us from the other day:


Time has really made us older, wiser, and it hasn’t affected our ability to find a reasonably priced beer and enjoy it together.