Collective Creative Writing at School

Peace Corps / Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Friday, I had some of the most fun I’ve ever had with two of my classes. I worked with a 9th grade and a 10th grade class and we did the same lesson with both. It started off with me reading a story and asking them to understand. Then, they read the story and told me what happened. After that, we considered what might happen after the story. Both classes were pretty bored by the end of it.

But then the fun began. We turned the page and there were pictures for a story, but no text. I asked each class to come up with a story for the pictures. Here is what they came up with:

10th Grade Story
A family is having breakfast together. They are eating cereal and milk. The daughter started to shout because her brother ate her cereal. Then they killed the brother because he ate the sister’s cereal. He was beaten to death with a shovel. The mother, father, and sister hid the body in the fridge. Now they had food to feed the dog. The parents went to the police to confuse them by telling them their son disappeared. The police came to the house to talk to the daughter. The policeman was searching the house when he smelled something in the fridge. He opened the door and saw the remains of the body. He turned around and saw the family waiting to kill him. They sold the organs of the policeman to make money to open a factory to produce cereal. Then, in the factory, they killed the workers to earn more money. The arms and legs were fed to homeless cats.
9th Form Story
There is a family and they are eating breakfast. The father is speaking about who is his favorite child. He says the son is his favorite. The sister gets angry and she starts to hit her brother. The mother agrees the son is the favorite and decides to kill her daughter with a spoon by scooping out her eyes. The son then called the police. His mother didn’t like this so she killed him too by beating him with a cat. The cat runs away. The police came to the house but the mother and father are not there. They went to the club “Anonymous Killer” to relax. The cat decides to seek vengeance on the mother. She followed them to the club and told the police the parents were at the club. And the cat called his brothers, the Teletubbies…
To be continued…

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The amount of murder and glee on the students’ faces scares me a bit. Vika was thoughtfully thinking through the best way to dispose of the body and to make sure no one would discover who was the actual murderer. I will never give bad grades to these kids. Nor will I eat any food offered to me from them.

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    1. It was a series of drawings with every other one missing. If you have access to Cambridge books (I’m not sure which ones off the top of my head) they’re on page 35 in the level 3 books.
      I remember the first picture was the people sitting at a table eating. The a blank, then the girl shouting at the boy. Then a blank, then the man at the police station. Then…then after that the stories really diverted from the pictures and I have no memory.

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