Running Fool, Again

Blog, Peace Corps / Saturday, August 11th, 2012

In high school, I used to be a decent runner. I wasn’t spectacular. I wasn’t on par with the runners who went on to compete in college but I was still decent. Middle distance was my jam. I ran the 800m and the 4x800m relay. I anchored. We won more often than not and if I was at home, I’d give you a medal count. I’d certainly have more to brag about than Sweden can with their 2012 London Olympics (seven as of writing).

I made varsity all four years because I ran in enough varsity level races. I was hot shit. Not really, but you don’t know that. You weren’t in high school with me.

Danny Zawacki - Finishing the Race
Back when I was scrawny yet quick for a mid-distance race.


My all-time personal best for running the 800m was 2:10. I worked hard to break into the sub-2:10 area, but it never happened. It’s a shame because the time to do that is long past.

Today, I went for a run. Yesterday too, but today I put a clock on my running so today is what matters.

Let me start by saying that Peace Corps hasn’t been great to my left knee. Last October, I was diagnosed with an iliotibial band injury and that took a few months of not running on to heal. This past June/July, I was diagnosed with some form of runner’s knee in the same knee and I’ve stayed off it since.

Yesterday, I got back into some light running, which my doctor said would be okay. Today, I pushed a little harder and timed myself on an 800m. It was, to sum it up in one word, disappointing. Yet, at the same time, it wasn’t disappointing. I ran it in 2:46 which was my average time back in middle school track. I credit this loss of speed in a lack of running consistency for the past six years, my age, my relative fatness, and I think most importantly the fact that I was running solo and I didn’t have a rabbit to chase around the track.

What did you used to be able to do in high school that you no longer can do as well?

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