Tech Tips – Absentee Ballot

Tech Tips / Friday, July 6th, 2012

In the spirit of this past week’s America Birthday Celebration, I’ve decided to write-up a tech tip that will help you be as patriotic as can be. This we we’re going to learn how to register to vote via absentee ballot. (Keep in mind, I’m writing these directions for my home state of Wisconsin and your directions might vary.)

Step 1: Go to and choose the state you last lived in before Peace Corps.

Step 2: Choose “Register to vote and/or request ballot”. Click “Get Started” to begin the automated assistant. (Note: You will still need to mail your form to your local officials.)

Step 3: Agree to the Privacy Act by clicking “Continue.”

Step 4: Cycle through the steps, filling in the information on each page. If you get stuck on a question, remember there’s a big, red, underlined “Help” on each page. Things you’ll need on hand: driver’s license, last American address registered at, current mailing address,

Step 5: On the “Print and Finish” page, make sure you click “Download PDF Package” as this will save your application to your computer so you may print it. Keep in mind when printing, you will need to adjust the print size to 96% so it will print properly on A4 sized paper.

Step 6: (Optional): Download a mailing envelope template. If you have access to print on an envelope, this will allow for a postage paid, timely delivery of your application. Click “Download Mailing Envelope” to save it to your computer for printing.

Step 7: Press “Finish.” Now you’re set to print, sign, and mail your application to the address indicated in the PDF package.

Happy voting!

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