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The Death of the Starks

Sometimes I wonder if George R.R. Martin is the only person who’s rooting against the Starks.

Last night I finally finished A Dance with Dragons, the fifth and most current book in The Song of Ice and Fire series. For those of you unaware, these are massive books. Each one weighs in around 1,000 pages.

But seriously, George, why are you always hating on the Starks? They seem to be the only family in your twisted, f—ed up world that has any amount of honor. Are you trying to say that honor doesn’t matter when you’re surrounded by honor-less men? Five books in and already you’ve killed four of them. You’ve got a lot of work to do in the last two books if you’re going to kill off the remaining four.

And, on a slightly unrelated note, is it just me or does the young Aegon remind anyone of Arthur? Taken and hidden as a baby to protect him and the realm. Raised by a man trusted by the king to be fit to rule. He’s done manual labor, lived in fear, and everything else he needs to know to rule. He knows it’s his duty to rule, not his right. I just want to know who’s going to give him the round table.

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