Tech Tips – Backup PSA

Tech Tips / Friday, February 24th, 2012

I have a friend who didn’t heed my advice about the importance of backing up files and she ended up paying for it. She kept all of her important files on a flash drive but failed to keep a backup on her computer. Then one day, she plugged into a strange computer and picked up a virus that wiped her flash drive clean. Fortunately, she had listened to me and installed a virus program (Microsoft Security Essentials) and the virus didn’t spread to her computer when she plugged her flash drive in. However, her flash drive files were gone.

Mac and Linux users out there can’t claim this won’t happen to them because this didn’t depend on their own computer. Your files would also have been destroyed. This could have affected anyone. Practice safe computing. Keep copies of your important files on different hard drives and flash drives. Then, if one fails, you won’t be like my friend who lost everything.

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