Growing Up

Blog / Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

While I was home back in September, I was supposed to smoke a cigar with a couple of my friends. Due to time constraints, we were unable to so I was handed the cigar and we decided we’d figure it out later.

This past weekend, we figured it out with the help of Google+ Hangouts (video chat supporting up to ten users at a time). Since it’s the middle of winter, I set up my apartment so I could smoke inside. This involved me closing off my bedroom, hanging a blanket over the door to the kitchen, and opening a window in the kitchen. It really didn’t make a difference because my apartment stinks still, but it gave me peace of mind.

Anyway, I’ve been smoking cigars and pipes on occasion for five or six years now. I like to think I’ve figured things out. But this past weekend made me question my beliefs because it was the first time I’ve thrown up due to smoking.

In my defense, it was the first time smoking in a barely ventilated room. The cigar also gave me the biggest buzz I’ve ever received. Maybe it wasn’t the cigar at all. Maybe it was the quesadillas I ate before smoking. But whatever the reason, I puked. I’m not ashamed. What happened, happened.

That puke session now makes two or three times in a row where I’ve puked and it hasn’t been alcohol related. I like to think I’m growing up. But at the same time, I have a nagging feeling that the fact that I threw up smoking a cigar like it was my first time makes me feel like I’m getting younger. Whatever it is, I thought you should know.

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