Tech Tips – Google Voice Setup

Tech Tips / Friday, January 20th, 2012

Note: This details the process for setting up a US Google Voice number in a country where Google doesn’t allow the creation of US Google Voice numbers.

Do you like talking to your friends and family back home? Do you hate that you have to wait until they’re at a computer to talk to them? Are you unwilling to pay for a Skype number so you can call their phones but still wish to call them anytime and anywhere? Look no further, I’ve got you covered.

To set this up, I’m making the assumption that you have the following things already setup: a Gmail account, HotSpot Shield (, a friend in America with a cell phone who is willing to help you out. Alright, if you have all that we can move on.

We’re going to be setting up a Google Voice number. This allows you to make and receive phone calls from within Gmail. It is also only available to users living in the US and that is why we need a friend with a cell phone to help us out.

Step 1: Turn on HotSpot Shield.
Step 2: Open Google Voice ( and login with your Google account.
Step 3: Follow the account creation process and when it asks you for a number, use your friend’s phone number when asked for a cell phone number to confirm. They will need to confirm the phone number for you to prove that you have a US number. By default, this will forward calls, SMS and voice mails to this number.
Step 4: To turn off the forwarding of calls and messages to this number, open the Google Voice settings (found by clicking the button with a gear on it in the top right-hand corner of Google Voice) and deselect the check mark next to your friend’s phone number.
Step 5: Now you may turn off HotSpot Shield.
Step 6: Open Gmail and sign into GChat. There should be an option to “Call Phone.” As long as you dial a US number, the call is free.
Now go off and call all of your friends, surprising them with the lovely sound of your voice, free of charge.

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