November – Day 22

Blog / Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Today is my birthday.

I was afraid that no one would remember that today is my birthday. One reason being that I’m not on Facebook any more. I tried being less obnoxious about it this year. Bot lo and behold, my school remembered. A handful of classes sang Happy Birthday to me and wished me the best in the years to come. Some presented me with chocolate. Two teachers got me a basket of fruit and the English department wished me the best and gave me a cake and a jug for putting my homemade vodka in. I only wish we could have shared the cake but everyone had lessons and no one had forks and plates.

Tonight Jeramie, Kim, and Lyuda are coming over for a birthday dinner. I made my deep dish pizza and a cake (though technically the cake is a belated one for Kim). Here’s a picture of the cake:


Today’s challenge in my 30 Day Challenge is to improve my posture. This is something I sorely need to work on because I more often than not have a sore back. Over the summer, I started working on my standing posture because I noticed a severe slouch in pictures and it was quite ugly. It’s gotten better, but I still slouch from time to time.

My back pains come mostly when I’m sitting. Part of this is from not having a decent chair with a back at the moment, though this could be because I slouch when I have a chair with a back. I’m determined to ease my back pains and sit better. I won’t be an old man before I will be (even though I know I’ll be an awesome old man).

Too much cooking this afternoon prevented me from writing yet today, but I plan on writing after the ladies leave tonight.

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  1. Count me among the ranks who didn’t know it’s your birthday because you’re not on facebook…

    Happy birthday! Sounds like a really nice, low-key day. Hopefully I’ll see you before we COS.

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