November – Day 16

Blog / Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Today’s task for my 30 Day Challenge is to make a budget. Or, if you already have one, review it. I’m going to review my budget. I make roughly $225/per month. I try limit myself to $25/week for food. If need be, I’ll dip in an extra $12.50 at a time. This way, in an emergency, I always have some money lying around. I have noticed that the more I workout, the more I eat and thus the more I spend per week. Reviewed.

My mind hasn’t been able to focus on writing the past few days. I wrote about 1,600 words yesterday because I couldn’t focus and then I had to get to bed. Though with the amount of sleep I got last night, I should have stayed up anyway to write. I think I work best after I have a good cup of coffee (which I wrote into the story for one of my characters the other day, oddly enough). I think tomorrow, when I get home from school, I’ll have a nice strong cup of Starbucks instant coffee and write my heart’s content.

I started teaching Dmitri English again today. He the sweet, 60-some odd year old music teacher at my school. He wants to learn English for the sake of learning. It’s a lot of fun working with him.

Time to go do some push ups and sit ups before I try to write some more tonight to stay on my game.

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