Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

Big Bang Theory – The Russian Rocket Reaction

The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows this season which I’ve felt like it’s taken some time to get back in it’s groove. I haven’t felt the story line has been up to par nor have I thought the jokes to be on and nor have I really seen some spectacular acting. but this week’s episode was a throwback story line and it brought back some much needed humor to the show. There’s a running story in which Sheldon has Wil Wheaton as his Continue reading →

Community – Remedial Chaos Theory

Community came full force this week. Every now and then they have an episode that goes above and beyond the usual methods for storytelling. For example, the two(/three) paintball episodes, the second season Christmas episode, Abed’s birthday, and the Dungeons and Dragons episode. This was one of those episodes. The episode revolves around a housewarming party Troy and Abed throw for themselves now that the two of them have gotten an apartment together. The initial creepiness of their apartment fades into a numbness as it keeps Continue reading →

The Office – Garden Party

What I’ve noticed The Office to be lacking this season, came back full force in this week’s episode, Garden Party. The show has been missing comedic charm and the back and forth between the characters. It’s almost as though when Steve Carell left The Office, the actors and actresses who had come to know each other and build a rapport among themselves, forgot everything they had learned. They were lost and they started from square one this season. I think they’ve found their footing and they’re back on Continue reading →

Modern Family: Hit and Run

I’m a recent convert to Modern Family and I can easily understand why. This show is great, multi-faceted and never in danger of not having something going on. There are some who will tell you that they have issue with all of the dads on the show because they’re typical sitcom dads who’ll screw something up for the sake of the episode, but not me. That’s what I like about this show. I think it’s solely driven by the dads’ shenanigans, most of the time. In Continue reading →