Musings on an English Degree

Month: May 2011

Tech Tips – Ad Hoc

Imagine this scenario, a fellow PCV comes to visit because he/she has some downtime at their site due to it being the summer. The PCV brought their computer with so they can do some work at your site. But alas, you only have one internet connection and you need it to do your own work. […]

Helping pack included chugging…

Helping pack included chugging homemade cognac so it wouldn’t go to waste. I, now, look forward to packing.


I’m not cut out to be a teacher in Ukraine. I was brought up in the American school system. Here, your success is your business. Your friend’s success is your friend’s business. Your grades are your business. Your friend’s grades are your friend’s business. Plain and simple. Don’t ask, don’t tell. It’s a little different […]

Tech Tips – Proxies

Summer is upon us and we all know it means that most of us are going to have a fair amount of free time on our hands. While I’m sure that I could recommend countless things to do like reading or studying Ukrainian and Russian, but this is a technology tip so I’ll stick with […]

Tech Tips – DOC & DOCX

Are you or someone you know running an older version of Microsoft Office? Do you feel left out when someone forwards you and your friends a document and you’re the only one who can’t read it? Well, it’s time to stop living in the dark ages and the time is now to embrace the future. […]

"You were right, a kid ne…

“You were right, a kid needs a hoop.”

@billamend tweeted this, final…

@billamend tweeted this, finally loaded. I’ll pass it on from me to you:

@CNG That and I can read the u…

@CNG That and I can read the updates. It still isn’t quite as good as watching it when I should be working.