A teacher

Peace Corps / Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

It feels like I’m cheating the system.

Read over this blog post. Or read this excerpt from it:

Summer is a funny time of year for a Peace Corps TEFL volunteer. Classes are over, and with the exception of camps (which we aren’t required to do), there really isn’t a lot of organized work for a volunteer to do. Of course, each volunteer’s situation varies, and some are given more explicit instructions from their schools, but by and large, most of us are told by our Ukrainian colleagues to “have a rest.” But we’re only given so many vacation days, and we’re only given so much money, so not all of those free days with no lessons can be spent travelling or visiting other volunteers. There’s bound to be some down time at site without much to do.

To me, that implies that I’ll be living the good life during the summers in the Ukraine. The thought hadn’t occurred to me that I’m going to be a teacher. A teacher. What do they do during the summer? Lounge.

I’ll have options of things to do to keep me busy, and I’m sure I’ll take up some of those offers, but there doesn’t seem to be anything I’m required to do. Can anybody say a whole lot of reading and a whole lot of writing all while enjoying the foreign atmosphere.

I can.

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  1. I totally agree. Summer will be amazing. If there is one thing I do exceedingly well, it is nothing. The teaching I’m a bit more nervous about.

    Oh and I’m also addicted to Ukraine journals. Obviously.

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