Kitty Tina

Fiction / Monday, April 13th, 2009

She pounces back and forth as though she is made with a spring
Her fur is soft, short, black and white
At one end is a tail which twitches
Back and forth as she gets ready
To attack
Her prey, invisible.

She herself is certainly not invisible;
Much more tangible like green grass in Spring,
A better covering for an attack
On her prey than if the hills were covered white
As in winter. But now, already,
The grass is long and in the wind it twitches.

Touching her on the prowl, her whole body twitches.
She does not expect you. To her, your hand is invisible
And it makes her fur stand on end; she wasn’t ready
To be snuck up on. When she feels the foreign touch, you can see her back spring
Into an arch and if she could, her face would turn white
Because she was spooked by this surprise attack.

But as he head turns to face you, she realizes it was not an attack.
You, however, were not prepared for a startled kitty and your own hand twitches.
You soiled your underpants, once white.
Fortunately for you, this fact remains invisible
To the world because the cool Spring
Air forces you to wear heavy pants. You are not ready

To wear shorts. Your kitty, on the other hand, was ready
To pounce. But instead you hear the rumble of her purr, like a tank moving to attack,
And you know she will not spring
At you in defense. Her nose twitches,
Sniffing the scent you bring like an object unseen, invisible
She moves her affectionate, white

Fur covered head towards your hand. Whiskers of white
Pulled back, ready
To nuzzle the once invisible
Person thought to be an attack.
Her tail now sways, the tip twitches,
Feeling and waiting for a reason to spring.

She sits beneath your hand with her the white
Fur of her ear ready
To be scratched in bliss, freed from any looming attack.

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