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Blog / Friday, June 8th, 2012

Tomorrow I’m leaving my apartment (read: internet) for roughly a week, so I won’t be posting anything. This includes my Photo-A-Day project. I’ve been having fun with this and surprising myself. Some days I wake up knowing what I want to take a photo of that day and then end up posting something completely different but seems to matter more for the day.Some days, I have no idea what I’ll end up with. It always works out, however.

Tomorrow is another big day. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to celebrate it like I wish I could. Tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of having my Honda Nighthawk. If I was back home, I’d take the day and ride to the end of the road. I guess that will have to wait until next year.

My Precious
The only name she's ever received is "My Precious." Everything else I come up with just doesn't seem good enough for her.


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