November – Day 24

Blog / Thursday, November 24th, 2011

I took this today at noon:

PIC-0034.jpgChew on that.

Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday because it’s a holiday where all you need to do is eat and then sleep. No gifts. No travel. No getting dressed up. No work. Take that every other holiday.

I made some corn casserole to bring to our mini-Thanksgiving dinner in Konotop. I also made corn bread. I think we’ll have a good time, even though we don’t have turkey.

My schedule today changed more times than it didn’t. At one point it looked like I wouldn’t be home until three and then I ended up getting home a little after noon. Tomorrow lessons have nearly all been eliminated for me because I have to stay home while someone comes to install safety bars on my windows. Hopefully I’ll be able to focus enough over the sound of the drilling to work on my novel and play catch-up. I’m not sure this weekend will be jam-packed with writing as I really want it. We’ll deal with that when the time comes.

Today’s task in my 30 Day Challenge is to play. Some people will tell you that I will be forever young. I’ll tell you that I never want to grow up. I love to play, but I think even I forget to do this from time to time. The past year I’ve caught myself, on many occasions, wishing I had a big box of Legos to dig through and build stuff with. I wanted to play. For my birthday, Jeramie got me a small set of knock-off Legos and I’ve played with those today. What’s more important is that the article detailing what it is to play includes storytelling. It’s the creative aspect and I’ve tried to do it everyday this month. I’ve already hit my half hour quota for today’s task but I’m going to try to do it some more, while I play with Legos.

Time to go wrangle up some Thanksgiving dinner.

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